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H-IO operation will not work. [solved]

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I came to the forum looking for a solution to this error but then it resolved itself so I thought I'd document it for future reference by others who might come here wondering about the same error.

During the nlite build process, this error popped up a few times, hidden beneath some other windows was an authorisation dialog that was something about "Mount internal drive" by "udisk" and wanting root password. Once supplied, this didn't change anything in nlite and the error reoccurred a few times in the same build before nlite crashed altogether.

However, the second time, using a Last_session from the previous build with no modifications, it ran fine, the error did not reoccur and the build was successful. It probably had something to do with failing to mount a drive in the first instance and missing a handle on it or something.

It's unlikely that this error would occur unless you are running nlite inside VirtualBox under SELinux. However given that nlite implies a lack of functional windows installation, that's a possibility that might be worth considering (it was the only way I could run nlite here, since windows needed to be slipstreamed before I could install it).



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