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Winrar command line injection

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I'm following a recommended way of repackaging Sophos for deployment through tools like Zenworks and SCCM which uses WinRAR as its method of compression and setup.

Within the SFX comment file, you launch setup.exe with some default command line switches e.g. Setup=SAVSCFXP\setup.exe -mng yes -ni -s -crt R -updp c:\temp\savinst\SAVSCFXPXML\ -G "\sophos\Group"

The -G bit I added as I want the installer to put the machine into the right group once Sophos installed. Problem I'm having is that we have about 15-20 groups, so 15-20 installers; this means ensuring that each RAR/SFX file is pointing to the right group.

Is there a method in WinRAR that allows you to pass a command line variable to the setup string in the comment file? For example:

c:\temp\savinst.exe NEXTGROUP

Having NEXTGROUP pass through to here:

Setup=SAVSCFXP\setup.exe -mng yes -ni -s -crt R -updp c:\temp\savinst\SAVSCFXPXML\ -G "\sophos\" & %VAR%

ending up as:

Setup=SAVSCFXP\setup.exe -mng yes -ni -s -crt R -updp c:\temp\savinst\SAVSCFXPXML\ -G "\sophos\NEXTGROUP"

Thanks for any thoughts.

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