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One Puzzle w/ new XP nLite install


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I just build & installed a "lite" ver of XP SP3 on my T400s Thinkpad using the current ver of nLite. The install went really well and, with this one exception, everything seems rock solid so far. But i've been configuring it for 2 days now and for that entire time I haven't been able to enable a desktop "wallpaper". When I go to DISPLAY .>  DESKTOP the virtual monitor shows the color currently selected by the COLOR button in the lower rt. I can change the selected color and both the monitor & the desktop follow suit.

And if I select the Bliss.bmp from the image selection box the image will also show in the virtual monitor but will only flash on the display for a fraction of a second after I hit APPLY and then it reverts to the selected screen color. If I select a jpg from the list - any jpg - it does not show on the vitrual monitor but it also flashes on the display for a fraction of a second. It's almost as if the image IS being displayed but is covered up by the selected screen color.

I have "Enable Active Desktop" enabled in both Tweak UI and Group Policy Editor > User Config > Admin Template > Dsktop > Active Dsktop. The jpgs are all good images i've used as wallpaper before. I've checked out all of the usual "missing wallpaper" solutions on Google and none of them either apply or cure the problem.

So is there anything in my (attached) "Last Sesion.ini" that might shed some light on this? 



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Hi K,    Thanks for answering.

Images and Backgrounds

Windows Picture and Fax Viewer

Web View

Gotta be one of these 3...

Well, as I understand it, Img & Bkgnds is just wallpapers & SCR's which, if true, I certainly don't need

Win Pict & Fax's absence  did cause another problem (see below)

So Web View rises to the top of the list of suspects...   Is there a way to find out what is included in Web View and post-install it? (since wallpaper is not important enough to me to go back and do another install)


One of the reg configure files I run after the install writes my own image icons to the reg for common image files. I noticed that it didn't "take" and went into the reg to find out why. To my surprise I found that my entries got written correctly but that there was no "connection" or pointer between .jpg and jpgfile for example. I had to build a regfile to make those connections. I'm guessing that Win Pict & Fax makes those connections when it's installed. The only image file connection that was correct was bmp which is handled by Paint (and was installed).

I'm really hoping that I don't get 2 weeks into my configuration and find some other subtle but vital dependency that requires a complete redo. (crosses fingers...)


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