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  1. An update for people who might read this in the future w/ similar issues: In the process of troubleshooting I found 4 apps on my computer that need some ver of .Net to run. All 4 of them threw up the exact same error message that I posted a screenshot of even though 3 of them only require .Net 2.0! So I rolled back to a pre-.Net install image and then downloaded (239mb) & installed the full version of .Net 3.5 SP1. Now all 4 apps work fine so while I have to concede that it's possible that my my install of the "Client Profile" ver was in some way faulty I don't think so - I think all of these apps need .Net components not installed w/ the "Client Profile" ver. But a word of warning: If you only need .Net for nLite it's far better, bloat-wise, to install just v 2.0 (plus SP's). After weeding 50+mb of msi installers (which, in reality, we're not going to use) this gift from M$ added 450mb to my 710mb C: drive (not counting pagefile)!! Ouch! laffin_boy
  2. Thanks again for your reply. Looks like I should do a backup image on this install, roll back to my last, pre-.net image and try again w/ the full .net 3.5 SP1 install to see how the apps react to that. I'll update the thread if I find anything interesting. laffin_boy
  3. Thanks for both your replys. I'm using nLite The "Client Profile" ver installs v2 through SP2, v3 through SP2 & v3.5 SP1. I can see this recorded in the reg and also in the layered folders under C:\Windoze\M$.Net\Framework. But nLite throws up an error message for a ver of .Net that it doesn't even use ! and when I run .NetVerCk it shows only v2 & v3 runtimes installed. (ok, after reading their website it appears that the program hasn't been updated since 3.0 was the "top" so it probably isn't capable of seeing 3.5 SP1) I have a couple of apps i'd like to run that do require .net 3.5 and if the "client Profile" ver is too "lightweight" to work for them @ 239mb I shudder to think what the 'full install" ver of .Net 3.5 SP1 will be. laffin_boy LAST SESSION.INI
  4. Hi, I recently built an nLite disk using my original factory install of XP SP3 which included the full ver of .net 3.0. I used that disk to successfully install a fresh copy of XP SP3 on this machine and it's working very well so far. Tonight I did an "online" install of .net 3.5 SP1 Client Profile which is a "light weight" ver of .Net. ("Lightweight" is this case means that it ONLY installed 239MB of crap on my 950mb C: drive!!) The install program claimed that it was a success. I can see in the reg that it shows .net ver 3.5.30729 which is 3.5 SP1 But when I attempt to run nLite now it throws up an error message saying: "This app requires .Net 3.5 SP1 or greater" ! Which seriously confuses me since (1) I have that and (2) the nlite website claims that it only needs .net 2.0 and (3) nLite ran fine on the previous XP install whch only went up to v3.0. Can anyone clue me in here? laffin_boy
  5. Hi -X-, Thanks for replying. VERY COOL!! Thanks so much for that link! I can do that! laffin_boy
  6. Hi K, Thanks for answering. Well, as I understand it, Img & Bkgnds is just wallpapers & SCR's which, if true, I certainly don't need Win Pict & Fax's absence did cause another problem (see below) So Web View rises to the top of the list of suspects... Is there a way to find out what is included in Web View and post-install it? (since wallpaper is not important enough to me to go back and do another install) ------------- One of the reg configure files I run after the install writes my own image icons to the reg for common image files. I noticed that it didn't "take" and went into the reg to find out why. To my surprise I found that my entries got written correctly but that there was no "connection" or pointer between .jpg and jpgfile for example. I had to build a regfile to make those connections. I'm guessing that Win Pict & Fax makes those connections when it's installed. The only image file connection that was correct was bmp which is handled by Paint (and was installed). I'm really hoping that I don't get 2 weeks into my configuration and find some other subtle but vital dependency that requires a complete redo. (crosses fingers...) laffin_boy
  7. Hi, I just build & installed a "lite" ver of XP SP3 on my T400s Thinkpad using the current ver of nLite. The install went really well and, with this one exception, everything seems rock solid so far. But i've been configuring it for 2 days now and for that entire time I haven't been able to enable a desktop "wallpaper". When I go to DISPLAY .> DESKTOP the virtual monitor shows the color currently selected by the COLOR button in the lower rt. I can change the selected color and both the monitor & the desktop follow suit. And if I select the Bliss.bmp from the image selection box the image will also show in the virtual monitor but will only flash on the display for a fraction of a second after I hit APPLY and then it reverts to the selected screen color. If I select a jpg from the list - any jpg - it does not show on the vitrual monitor but it also flashes on the display for a fraction of a second. It's almost as if the image IS being displayed but is covered up by the selected screen color. I have "Enable Active Desktop" enabled in both Tweak UI and Group Policy Editor > User Config > Admin Template > Dsktop > Active Dsktop. The jpgs are all good images i've used as wallpaper before. I've checked out all of the usual "missing wallpaper" solutions on Google and none of them either apply or cure the problem. So is there anything in my (attached) "Last Sesion.ini" that might shed some light on this? laffin_boy . LAST SESSION.INI
  8. OK, it's time to ask for some feedback: I've been attempting to manually build a working install CD to do a clean install of XP SP3 on my HP laptop including all of my HP drivers. I'm 0 for 6 so far. I'm going to describe 2 of my attempts and then i'll describe my current configuration. Attempt #4: I think I finally had the info on my SATA driver right and I believe my Txtsetup.sif was correct. (info below) But due to a quirk in Nero 6 it didn't pick up that I had renamed the $OEM$\Driver\SATA & chipset folders so that my Winnt.sif pointed to nonexistent folders and the Intel chipset drivers never got installed. The install finished but on bootup it went to the "F8" screen. I tried Safe Mode but it wouldn't boot. Looking through the install logs on the C: drive it appears that most or all of my drivers got installed except for the chipset. Attempts #5 & #6: I *believe* I have everything right but it finishes the textmode, reboots and stops at: "Press any key...." Never gets to the GUImode. If I were to pop out the CD at this point it just shows a blinking cursor - not the "can't find ntlr" error I would expect. There are currently 688mb of files on the C: drive copied there during the textmode including ntlr, ntdetect.com and boot.ini. So does this say that my SATA driver is not getting loaded for GUImode? Or what? My install source is a M$DN copy of XP SP3 Retail (checked MD5). I've added my 4 OEMBIOS file and updated the setupp.ini to do a SLP OEM install. No addons or updates integrated. Here's my folder setup: -- i386 -- etc folders -- $OEM$ -- .....$1 -- ..........Drivers -- ................00_SATA -- ................01_C_set (Intel chipset, USB, PCI) -- .................etc folders (10 total) This is added to the end of the Txtsetup.sif (before the EOF marker): [SourceDisksFiles] iaStor.sys = 1,,,,,,3_,4,1 [HardwareIdsDatabase] PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_27C5&CC_0106 = "iaStor" [SCSI.load] iaStor = iaStor.sys,4 [scsi] iaStor = "Intel® 82801GBM SATA AHCI Controller (Mobile ICH7M)" (and, no, it didn't get saved as "Txtsetup.sif.txt") This is the pointer in the Winnt.sif file to the drivers: OemPnPDriversPath = "Drivers\00_SATA;Drivers\01_C_set;Drivers\graphics;Drivers\T_pad;Drivers\audio;Drivers\NIC;Drivers\wireless;Drivers\PCI_card;Drivers\SD_card;Drivers\modem;Drivers\HP_MDP;Drivers\infrared" I added a compressed copy of my SATA driver - iastor.sy_ - to the i386 folder. I've attached my Winnt.sif file. I'm out of ideas. Appreciate any tips I can get here. laffin_boy Winnt.sif
  9. Yes, as long as you are logged in using a different account. (so the folder is not in use) Just a caution for other who might read this thread: This procedure for renaming your Admin act on a live system (as clearly explained by MrJinje in post #4) works as advertised but be aware that even though the Admin act has been renamed XP will not apply your HKCU hive to your new folder and ALL of your existing settings will be gone. Obviously this is not a problem on a new install if you begin by renaming your act but on a fully configured system it might come as a nasty surprise. I tried this on my current system (after making an image of C:) and didn't try backing up my HKCU hive and importing it into the renamed act so I don't know if that would work or not. Also tried creating a "laffin" folder and copying over the contents of the Admin folder between steps #3 & #4 but when I logged in as "laffin" I found that the OS had bypassed the folder I made for it and created a "laffin.NC6400" folder instead. laffin_boy
  10. Thanks for all your help, MrJinje. I think i've got it. In step # 4 above Explorer will allow me to delete the existing C:\D&S\Admin folder? laffin_boy
  11. Thanks for you reply, MrJinje. Let me clarify. What I want to do is be able to install XP w/ my user act already in place which will replace the "Administrator" folder so I still have the same # of acts. My experience so far of renaming the Admin act after install is that the "Administrator" folder does not get renamed and the OS won't let me do it. I can do this using nLite and i'm hoping to learn how to do it manually by tweaking one or more files before I build the ISO. laffin_boy
  12. Hi, I've been trying to do a lightweight clean install of XP SP3 on a fresh HD for my laptop. So far I've tried 5 different nLite builds and each one becomes unstable at some point so i'm going to try to build an install ISO manually by using the Unattended Guide. I think I have all the steps figured out except one: When I used nLite I was able to edit the Administrator account name and substitute my name so that i'm not adding an extra user act and i'm able to logon using my act name with Admin privileges. Can any of you tell me how I can do that manually? laffinboy
  13. Thanks for your reply. Are you saying that I can edit the Admin name in nLite and change it to whatever? Thanks John. IIRC, I slipstreamed SP3 into my source - a M$ OEM XP+SP2 CD - in the 1st session and then did everything else in the 2nd session (using the newly slipstreamed SP3 source) Is this potentially a problem? I used this one: xable updates If you don't use update packs do you D/L each individual M$ update and add them all as addons? If so why? From reading the list of updates it appears that the only one that does apply to both IE 7 or 8 is kb980182 - "Cumulative security update for Internet Explorer" (which covers 6, 7 & 8) Avast scan was negative. I compared my services in the SP3 install w/ my existing SP2 install (on old HD) which works ok and every service that's started on SP2 is also started on SP3. I've attached my list of SP3 services, broken down 23 different ways, to this post. Did some more expirimenting today and found a new symptom: the Performance tab on Win Task Mgr doesn't work. CPU / Mem Charts display nothing & don't update. laffin_boy SP3 Services.txt
  14. Hi, I just built an nLite install CD and used it to do a clean install of XP SP3 using a fresh HD on my HP NC6400 laptop. The install seemed to go well but the OS has strange behaviors that I can't isolate: When using either IE8 or IE7 at some point i'll get a dialog window (for example "Internet Options") that's completely grayed out. If I "mouse over" the elements, buttons etc, they'll appear and then go away as I move the cursor. The problem is not limited to IE - any large app will, sooner or later, start acting strange and when that happens the entire OS gets weird & unresponsive - throwing up strange error messages that make no sense and I have to kill the entire system w/ the power button. I realize that this is a very vague description that doesn't give you enough to go on but I don't know how to debug this. It hasn't bluescreened yet so I have no system error to track. It also has 2 other issues that may provide some clues: -- PrintScrn function no longer works. (IE: keys work but nothing happens) -- Sched Tasks won't run any tasks - I get "0x80070005: Access is denied" error even though i'm logged in as admin. One M$ doc that I read on this claimed that i'll get this error if I use a blank password - which I do - but I ran Scheduled tasks for yrs on this laptop using XP SP2 using a blank password. I've attached my LAST SESSION.INI in hopes that there's a clue in there as far as something I need to do differently next time. ---------------------- I'm going to build a new nLite install CD and try again and I have a question about my user account which is now Administrator. (This is a single user machine) I think I understand how to create a new act w/ admin privileges and set it to autologin but is it possible to rename the default admin act to MyName so that i'm not adding another user act (where there too many now - default, network, etc)? 2 of my drivers didn't install - NIC & touchpad - although they installed w/o problem after the OS install from the Device Mgr by pointing to the same inf that nlite used. What can I look for in troubleshooting this? LAST SESSION.INI
  15. Thanks SB for all of your help. But i'm still left with my main question: What is it about an exe, etc that allows it or prohibits it from being run directly by nLite under Updates / AddOns? (I have a guess but I don't want to put words in anybodies mouth) laffin_boy
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