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[OPEN SOURCE] IBM Workplace Shell for Windows

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I just discovered that IBM released (the source code of their Workplace Shell for Windows:

Workplace Shell for Windows is a shell replacement program for WIN-OS/2 and Windows v3.1 which provides admins the same user interface in their Windows environments as is available in their OS/2 desktop. It replaces the default Windows shell program (PROGMAN) with an "OS2 Workplace Shell"-like user interface and features.

This software was last updated and released in 1995. But, due to continued requests for new features or enhancements from sysadmins and end users that are still using this software, I have decided (with IBM's permission) to release the WPSFWIN software source code base and build scripts (wpsfwin-build-source.zip). Now users can rebuild WPSFWIN shell to enhance or add features as they desire.

Source code has been released under a proprietary "Workplace Shell For Windows" Public License - v 1.0

Togheter with BeOSWin (attached - public domain ? - sources), could be a good base for an alternative open source shell for Win 9x, IMHO.

Hope that helps, or at least inspires !


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