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an Autostart-Scheduler?!

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does anyone know if there is something like an autostart-scheduler out there...?

It seems my "videocard-background-programs" like nwiz, or NvMediaCenter, or NvCplDaemon (it's a GF4 Ti) don't harmonize with something else in the autostart... because sometimes while win loads all its autostart-progs the monitor turms black but doesn't come back (instead the monitor shows an out-of -range message). Usually it's something like a refresh-flicker and everything becomes visible again. (...btw. is this flicker normal?!?)

As far as I know the order of the autostart isn't really constant, right?!? So since this bug only occurs randomly (at least to me) I guess the order is the important thing to look at here..

Those programs seem to manage the graphics-memory or something like that, cause without them for example firefox isn't showing webpages correctly, and everything is slow until even some windows-graphics become all messed-up!!!

For now I kind of reload the needed videocard-programs by accessing the nvidea-"controlcenter" (this produces the mentioned monitor-refresh). And the rest works as well..

Does this sound familiar to someone or is there any (other) solution?!?



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