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Using vLite on a Multi-Version (all-in-one) Vista Disc


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Hi. I have vLite 1.2 installed with a recent Windows AIK also. When I alter an All-In-One Vista 32bit SP2 image, and install a couple hotfixes into one of the images and change the unattended and tweaks options. And after I select to "Rebuild all" and create an ISO, I seem to lose the All-In-One functionality. When installing Vista after the modification it only lets me select the one image that I altered in vLite. I thought "Build all" would retain all the other images on the disc.

Is there something I'm not doing right, or should I not alter some of the settings? When I integrate drivers or hotfixes using Vista Tool 1.0 everything is fine, I still retain all the Vista versions on the disc.

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