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  1. Hi. I have vLite 1.2 installed with a recent Windows AIK also. When I alter an All-In-One Vista 32bit SP2 image, and install a couple hotfixes into one of the images and change the unattended and tweaks options. And after I select to "Rebuild all" and create an ISO, I seem to lose the All-In-One functionality. When installing Vista after the modification it only lets me select the one image that I altered in vLite. I thought "Build all" would retain all the other images on the disc. Is there something I'm not doing right, or should I not alter some of the settings? When I integrate drivers or hotfixes using Vista Tool 1.0 everything is fine, I still retain all the Vista versions on the disc.
  2. Cool, thanks. And these can be integrated with nLite into an XP install disk? Since there's no TXTSETUP.OEM file. Hmm, adding them anyway seemed to work okay. It's allowing me to install all the drivers. Thanks again.
  3. Does anyone have a compilation driver addon of the most commonly used network drivers? I'd like to make a somewhat universal XP install disk with LAN drivers. So when I install XP on almost any system, at least it can have instant internet access to continue the rest of the driver installations. Like Realtek and Intel drivers, plus others.
  4. I've just downloaded v1.4.1 and noticed the Gateway/eMachines range changed from earlier versions. Which RANGE is the correct one? Specifically the latter one in question (F3310 or F3110) for the CRC A04597C6. And does it matter if it's not correct? v1.3 [Gatewa] RANGE="0xF32F0:20,0xF3310:20" v1.4.1 [Gatewa] RANGE="0x000F32F0:20, 0x000F3110:20"
  5. Okay, well, I now finally tried to download oemscan_v1.4.1.zip while I'm logged in, and can now get it properly. It looks like this has potential to do what I was looking for, but I guess it's not ready yet as it's missing a lot of files and configs need to be edited to make it a universal disc. I guess I'll need to do lots and lots of more reading. Has anyone created an ADDON 7z multi-OEM file for use with RVM Integrator? Kind of like the file "OEMSCAN_ADDON_Sony_1.3.7z" but containing all OEMBIOS files?
  6. Is it possible to make a universal WinXP CD with all OEMSCAN files to work on either Dell, eMachines, Sony, etc?? I work in a computer shop and have to do repairs and reinstalls all the time. I have/extract the correct SLP keys for the repair/reinstall, so that's not a problem. It's just that I had to make 8 separate CDs, one for Dell, eMachines, Sony, etc, with the appropriate OEMSCAN files. When Microsoft releases new updates each month, I'd prefer not having to recreate 8 discs every month. I've patched the CDs as close to the original as possible with the latest windows updates and the OEMSCAN addons using RVMIntegrator. I didn't preinstall any SLP keys on the discs as I think that's not possible or very difficult using nLite without losing the windows repair feature which I really need too. Anyway, back to my question again. Anyway to make one universal (Dell, eMachines, Sony, etc) WinXP OEM disc with all OEMSCAN files preinstalled and have it use the correct one based on what it finds in the BIOS during the windows install/repair?
  7. You can set the Show Contents While Dragging by the reg key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\DragFullWindows Either a 0 or 1. Not sure if the change takes affect when you reboot, I just know that's one of the keys that changes when that option is checked/unchecked. It's fun to watch the registry with Regmon. EDIT: Here's a Link to a thread explaining more about this known problem.
  8. I'm a noob here. Been messin with slipstreaming and hotfixing for a couple days now using RVM and nLite. I've also found most of the Visual Effects don't work for me either. I set almost all but 2 to disabled. But once I install Windows and look at the Visual Effects tab, they're all checked just like a vanilla install. The start menu slides and windows fade. Is this a new feature in nLite or did something I do break the tweaks? I used nLite to slipstream SP2 into XP Corp SP0, then RVM update 2.1.3 + DX9 + .NET 1.1&2.0 + WMP10. Made some tweaks and options, but some tweaks didn't take. Like the Remove Windows Catalog and Windows Update shortcuts, and Disable Popup At First Boot. But other tweaks actually worked like Disable Windows Tour Popup & Change Explorer Folder View To: Details.

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