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Howdy from Australia


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Howdy Guys,

Stumbled across the forums today, and I was impressed at the sheer collection of information available at my finger tips! I've been a Network Systems Administrator for a a short time now, and this site will help with alot of the questions I may have. Most of the scripts I have created for my organization rely on the fact that I have a bit of an understanding for batch, java and vbs scripting, but there are times when Google is a life saver. I've been playing with computers since I was 10 and started on servers when I was 13 starting with NT4.0 Server <-- Good times... I have been out of Uni here in Australia for about a year now and I have completed my MCDST, MCSA and MCSE. I'm currently studying Linux coding in my spare time (Our company runs on W2K3 and Red Hat).

Should you have any queries please feel free to shoot me a question, as I'm more then willing to lend a helping hand!


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