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Windows XP SP3 losing mouse connection occasionally


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Hi Guys,

Every now and again a friends PC loses its PS-2 mouse. Plugging in a USB mouse solved the problem in the short term, then I ran MalwareBytes and it found and removed a few trojans... once i'd rebooted, the PC found the PS-2 mouse again.

Thought the problem was solved... until the very same thing happened 3 days later... and then 4 days after that! Now i'd be happy to believe that the first time was fair-game, but he's got fairly adequate anti-virus (if you can call McAfee adequate) so I don't know whether it could be the anti-virus that isn't working or whether there is a deeper problem? Is the anti-virus leaking trojans or is the computer just being rubbish?

Cheers in advance,


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I've had this happen to me several times, each time for a different reason (all hardware related):

Check the PS-2 cable connection(s). They may be loose or bad. Sometimes removing and replacing the mouse several times may fix the problem. And/or clean the connection(s) with an electronic spray cleaner.

Replacing the mouse may fix the problem.

The PS-2 port on the computer may be dirty or bad. If cleaning the port doesn't fix the problem, fix by using a USB mouse or install a PS-2 expansion board.

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