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Is this too much?


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I'm interested in making a multi-os windows dvd that I can use when I have to do repairs and I wanted to ask if there was a way to put all these on one 8.5GB DVD:

98 SE

2000 Pro SP4


ReXP Pro 64-Bit

ReXP Home And Pro SP3

Vista SP2 32-BIt (Basic, Business, Premium And Ultimate)

Seven 32-Bit (Home, Pro And Ultimate)

I would also like to put the updates for all of them on another dvd so that I don't have to waste time downloading them (you would not believe the number of people in my area that are still on dial-up by choice). I think I would need a RunOnceEx file to do that. I really want them on the same dvd, but I don't think all that stuff will fit on one. Am I asking for too much or is all of this possible?

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Well possible with a Blu-raydisc...:P

Fully updated 7 AIO disc takes about 4 GB (tried making one few months ago).. Since you just want some edition and only 32bit you can probably say that vista and 7 together updated will take roughly 4.5-5GB..

And the updates for the rest of the OS might take another 1GB ?..

So yea I'd say its fully possible to fit everything on a duallayer dvd which is 8.5GB

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