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Is there a way to differentiate between the Source-Files and the Target-files.

I would like to avoid running nLite over the result of a previous nLite.

Seems now I have to delete/re-copy the source manually from the install-cd manually.


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You can do this

1) Copy your XP CD into a folder onto your harddrive (like XP_SRC)

2) Create a second folder (like XP_DEST XP_FINAL)

3) Make the changes you want with nlite

4) A the final step you can save the modifications onto the second folder via an iso image.

But i don't thin you can avoid the previous change without recopy entire CD.


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Do what I do. Create a WinRAR SFX archive of the i386 folder containing the path to your source folder. Then anytime you need to rerun nLite, delete the i386 folder and run the archive.

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