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RDC seems to break PsExec and other remote tools


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This is on a Windows 2003 SBS server, AD, with XP SP3 clients

I have discovered that using RDC (i.e. mstsc /console) out from the server to one of the clients seems to then lock-out any further remote access.

Before remoting into the client, psexec works normally, for example

psexec \\anyclient cmd

works fine. BUT after using RDP, the very same command will result in a timeout and eventually a network location not found message. Clearly that error message is nonsense, because a ping works and a ping -a resolves to the "not found" client.

At the same time the remote shutdown no longer works either. So

shutdown -m \\anyclient

works before RDC is used, but not after.

How do I gain remote access to the client again for everything else except RDC?


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I've been Googling around, and it seems this is all to do with locking RDP out of the Console session, even if the /console option is given on the command-line, starting with SP3 for XP.

Still doesn't solve my problem, though. Since remote acces to the clienmt is lost, it can't be remotely accessed by PsExec, it can't be remotely shutdoen and it can't be remotely rebooted.

Is it now impossible to attach to the console session?

Any suggestions how else I might go about this?

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