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Need a 3 choice cmd file

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Dim someVarName

someVarName = "the exact same stuf you used to pass to wsh.Run goes here"

MsgBox someVarName

wsh.Run someVarName

Thanks. Actual idea was a option to provide debug informations.

Imagine ISO build failed at end user.

Log some informations. If a error occour, open notepad.

Ask the end user to post the log file.

Hopefully the error source can be detected that way.

This stuff has been around for a decade ;)
That's pretty young ;)

Still a "Tales of Mystery and Imagination".

Corrections happily appreciated.

Option Explicit

Const bootsect = "bootsect.bin"
Dim fso, wsh, shl, fld, src, locpath, valid, bootable
Dim MkisofsParams, wshExec, stdoutline, objDebugOutFile, LogFileName

Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set wsh = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")


If Not fso.FileExists(locpath & "mkisofs.exe") Then
MsgBox "mkiofs.exe missing", 16, "Error" 'vbOKOnly=0 vbCritical=16
End If

If WScript.Arguments.Count = 1 Then
End If

If Not valid Then
Set shl=CreateObject("Shell.Application")
While Not valid
Set fld=shl.BrowseForFolder(0, "Select source",16,17) '16=BIF_EDITBOX; 17=ssfDRIVES
If fld Is Nothing Then WScript.Quit(1)
Set fld=Nothing
Set shl=Nothing
End If

LogFileName = locpath & "mkisofs.log"
Set objDebugOutFile = fso.CreateTextFile(LogFileName,True)
objDebugOutFile.WriteLine("script " & WScript.ScriptFullName)
objDebugOutFile.WriteLine("locpath: " & locpath)
objDebugOutFile.WriteLine("source: " & src & vbCrLf)

If bootable And Not fso.FileExists(locpath & "bootsect\" & bootsect) Then
MsgBox "Boot sector missing (" & bootsect & ")", 16, "Error"
End If

MkisofsParams = "-iso-level 4 -joliet-long -duplicates-once -force-uppercase" & _
" -sysid ""Win32"" -V ""Windows"" -m thumbs.db" & _
" -o """ & src & ".iso""" & " """ & src & """ """ & locpath & "bootsect"""

If bootable Then
MkisofsParams = "-no-emul-boot -b " & bootsect & _
" -hide boot.catalog -hide " & bootsect & _
" -hide-joliet boot.catalog -hide-joliet " & bootsect & _
" " & MkisofsParams
End If

MkisofsParams = locpath & "mkisofs.exe " & MkisofsParams
objDebugOutFile.WriteLine(locpath & MkisofsParams & vbCrLf)
Wscript.Echo MkisofsParams & vbCrLf
Set wshExec = wsh.Exec(MkisofsParams)
Do While wshExec.Status = 0
'Wscript.StdOut.WriteLine stdoutline 'write to standard output
Wscript.Echo stdoutline
objDebugOutFile.WriteLine(stdoutline) 'write to file at the same time

If wshExec.ExitCode <> 0 then
'Wscript.Echo vbCrLf & "ErrorCode: " & wshExec.ExitCode
wsh.Run "notepad.exe " & LogFileName
End If

Sub ValidateSourcePath()
If fso.FileExists(src) Then src=fso.GetParentFolderName(src)
If Not fso.FolderExists(src) Then Exit Sub
If fso.FolderExists(src & "\i386") Then
If MsgBox("The specified folder doesn't contain Windows XP" & chr(13) & chr(10) & "Create a data CD instead?", 36, "Warning") = 6 Then 'vbYesNo=4 vbQuestion=32
End If
End If
End Sub

' http://ask.metafilter.com/79481/vbscript-printing-to-command-line
Sub CheckStartMode
Dim strStartExe
' Returns the running executable as upper case from the last \ symbol
strStartExe = UCase( Mid( wscript.fullname, instrRev(wscript.fullname, "\") + 1 ) )

If Not strStartExe = "CSCRIPT.EXE" Then
' This wasn't launched with cscript.exe, so relaunch using cscript.exe explicitly!
' wscript.scriptfullname is the full path to the actual script
wsh.Run "cscript.exe """ & wscript.scriptfullname & """"
End If
End Sub

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The main issue I see is if someone who has wscript as a default instead of cscript, the check you added will re-start it using cscript, but without the original cmd line args.

You could change:

wsh.Run "cscript.exe """ & wscript.scriptfullname & """"


wsh.Run "cscript.exe """ & wscript.scriptfullname & """" & " " & WScript.Arguments(0)

but then that will fail if someone started the script without any parameters (and it wouldn't pass potential "extra" parameters either). So the ideal way around this is building another string, containing all cmd line args (if any), then passing those on, like such:

Dim argsToPass, arg
For Each arg In WScript.Arguments
argsToPass = argsToPass & arg & " "
If Len(argsToPass) > 1 Then argsToPass = Left(argsToPass, Len(argsToPass)-1) 'trim unecessary trailing space
wsh.Run "cscript.exe """ & wscript.scriptfullname & """ " & argsToPass

Otherwise there's no other issues with it.

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