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Autounattend.xml is not working properly


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I've just created my first Windows 7 All-in-One iso. While testing in VMware, it shows all 5 versions when there is no Autounattend.xml file. However, as soon as I include the customized Autounattend.xml, it shows only Windows 7 Ultimate (x64) and Windows 7 Ultimate (x86). Can anybody tell me what's wrong with my xml file? I've attached it below.


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I have seen a couple of threads where they are trying to do that. So far there is no working solution.

Please remove your answer file. It has your key in it.

That key is actually just the generic trial one from MS as I set the unattended file to skip setup and autologon. However I edited it anyway. Thanks for the reply though, I guess I'll just have to limit it to just two for now then :(.

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