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uploading Unicode file(s)

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I've a website on Godaddy and wanna uploading a Unicode file names. I'm using CuteFTP for that. When I tried to upload using CuteFTP it gave me an warning message (Yellow Sign) and didn't upload anything.

I've tried to upload it with ASCI name (English) then rename after uploading it, using CuteFTP but it also didn't work.

Is there anyway to solve this issue?!

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Depends on the server in use at the time - CuteFTP can only create filenames the FTP server supports, so unless the FTP server supports uploads with filenames of this type, you are out of luck. I'd ping the host and see what options they have for doing this - you can't be the only one trying to do this.

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Yes, I got that from your first post. Have you tried another FTP client to make sure it's not a client-side issue? Otherwise, you'd have to ask GoDaddy for their take on this.

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