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auto browse script?

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Does anyone know of a script that will let you define a group of websites and then automatically browse through that list in ie7/8 or firefox 3.6 or up? I would like to do this to verify that a pop-up infection is in fact removed.

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Dim $aArray[7][1]

$aArray [0][0] = "http://www.google.com"
$aArray [1][0] = "http://www.microsoft.com"
$aArray [2][0] = "http://www.yahoo.com"
$aArray [3][0] = "http://www.bbcnews.com"
$aArray [4][0] = "http://www.espn.com"
$aArray [5][0] = "http://www.msfn.org"
$aArray [6][0] = "http://www.sourceforge.net"


func _URL()
$size = UBound($aArray,1)
$size -=1
$q = 1
$s= Round(100 / $size,0)
for $i = 0 to $size step +1
$q += $s
run ("cmd /c"&"start "& $aArray[$i][0])

download autoit to compile this.

just edit the examples and add items as necessary to the array and increment the number as you do so. Then update the Declare at the top with the number of items in the array (the array starts with 0, so this number is one higher than your last entry). The function should drive through the URLs opening them in your default browser.

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this is awsome thank you for your fast and knowledgeable response I just have one question does the 2nd number in this line "Dim $aArray[7][1]" equal the number of times to run through the list?

Edit 1

sorry one more question what program do i use to make the text you provided a .au3 file for autoit to process?

Edit 2

disregared all questions i just tried it and found the answers myself. thank you again for the script!!

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no problem, just in case: declaring the array the first entry is the number of rows, second the number of columns (or dimensions).

and the newest version of ScITE that comes with autoit should be all that you need, just copy the text, name the file, and hit F7. I also wouldnt venture away from the autoit site or forums for downloads as there is a substantial amount of malware-laden 'add-ons'.

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