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VPN Will NOT connect


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I used to use Microsoft VPN As the VPN that would connect external clients to the domain.

Now i am using it for Business reasons, it does not work.

I have tried it with one and two NICs.

The correct ports are opened on the Router, and pointed to the correct Server.

The VPN will connect Internally, Just not external clients can connect.

Hope someone can help me..

Thanks, Ethan

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Have you forwarded port 1723 (presuming you are using microsoft PPTP VPN) and the GRE Protocol through to your RAS server?

This should be all you need to get this working


Nah, does not work, its forwarded, weird though because when i was testing it out a few years back with 2K3 it worked perfectly, now with 2K8, getting Errors.

Just gives the error that the Wizard Cannot connect (Vista/Win7 Machines)

Thanks for a reply though!

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I cant say I have ever tried it on W2K8 but i assume it would be the same except for the server's firewall.

I would try this:

1) VPN to the server internally with no server firewall

2) Turn on server firewall, get VPN working internally

3) configure external firewall

4) Test VPN externally

5) check firewall logs & repeats steps 3&4 as many times as needed

Although im sure you have tried all of this its worth a go, I think this pretty much covers everything :)

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