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freezes on random hotfix while rebuilding

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So it took me 3 tries and 3 reboots to finally get ONE image done, home basic for windows vista and i have 3 more to do. While "integrating" after selecting rebuild all, the system will hang on a random update and completely lock down the pc and I have to hard reboot it to get it to come back. Its bad enough that vlite is rediculously slow when integrating updates (compared to using DISM for windows 7). I know for a fact that its a complete hang because I was rebuilding home premium last night at work (where i am now) and left it going when I left at 5pm. When i came back this morning at 9am it was still stuck on an update and it definately doesnt take that long.

Is there any rhyme or reason why it simply just freezes on an update? Its never the same update twice either it seems.

Is there a faster, easier way to do this than vLite? All i want to do is integrate updates into Home basic, premium, business and ultimate. I dont want to do ANYTHING else that vlite does...tweaks, components, iso blah blah...JUST updates.

I used DISM to do windows 7 and that was a breeze but it doesnt seem to support windows vista, or atleast not what I could find. I have a huge directory of updates I want to integrate.


*edit* While I was typing this message, it froze on the first update it wanted to integrate and of course previously it made it past this update. Looks like the whole computer isnt totally f***** but i cant bring up the task manager to kill vlite, it just locks up aswell so if i want to try again, i have to reboot.

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