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Features that Cannot Be Supported

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The following features have been previously requested but cannot be added/supported. Unless you can provide a specific means of support (such as suggesting a new unpacker that I've not seen before - this is definitely welcome), please do not request them again - your posts will be ignored. Please search the forums for previous discussion of each topic of you'd like more information.

Note: This is currently a short list from old notes; I'll add to it as I come across other requests that cannot be supported.

Extraction support

  • ASprotect - no freely redistributable unpacker
  • InstallShield 12.x cabs - no freely redistributable unpacker
  • PECompact - no freely redistributable unpacker
  • Skype Installer - custom build of Inno Setup unsupported by innounp
  • Thinstall installers - no freely redistributable unpacker

UniExtract features

  • batch processing / multiple file support - this will be coming, but not until the next major version
  • context menu icons / nested context menu - no apparent free way to do this (this may change for WIndows 7)
  • optional debug file - currently cannot be done; it's used for more than just failure output, and UniExtract currently needs this file to read output from other programs, including TrID; I may be able to work around this with some ideas I have in mind for v2.0, but that's still a long way out

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