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Comodo Internet Security 4

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For those of you looking for a way to install this or just parts of it silently, I found these switches on the Comodo forum. First extract the msi by running the CIS installer and ticking the 'Dont install yet' (or something like that) box. Grab the msi and:

Following is a list of known properties and their possible values (? indicates the value is unconfirmed). There is no need to include a property if using the default value.


0 don't install anti-virus

1 ? install anti-virus (default)


0 ? don't install firewall

1 ? install firewall (default)


1 firewall only, no defence+

2 ? firewall & optimal defence+ (default)

3 ?? firewall & maximum defence+ (wild guess)


1 ? join threatcast (default)

2 don't join threatcast


0 ? don't use Comodo DNS servers (default)

1 ? use Comodo DNS servers


0 don't change IE homepage

1 ? change IE homepage (default)


0 don't install IE toolbar

1 ? install IE toolbar (default)

For example the following command will install the firewall only (x64 version with no AV, D+, TC, DNS or bonus features):


while the following command should install everything (x86 version with AV, FW, max D+, TC, DNS and all bonus features):

msiexec /I PathToInstaller\cis_setup_x86.msi FWFEATURES=3 SETOURDNSSERVER=1 /Passive /NoRestart

I tried this on mu Win7 Ultimate 64bit and it worked a treat. Did have to reset pc to see the icon in the tray though.

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