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Windows 2000 on AMD 790GX/SB750 & 890GX/SB850 motherboards.


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blackwingcat, some answers:

my hal.dll version = 5.0.2195.7006

Windows2000-KB979683 is installed but where is V2?

Device ID for ?

USB 3.0 driver = from Gigabyte CD

my ATI HDMI driver = from Gigabyte CD

I've also tried kb835730 with “usepmtimer” or ...



...but removed it

Hi Phenomic

Which type did you install HAL ?

Core Limit registry means nothing without Windows2000-KB979683-v2-x86-ENU.EXE.

What is your Device ID ?

What version did you install USB 3.0 Driver ?

Hi Phenomic

Did you install KB888111 ?

RealTek HD Audio already have supported Windows 2000,and you can down load it on Realtek web site.

What version did you use ATI HDMI Driver ?

I use 10.7 driver on HD4870.

I also released Cpu core limitter break patch.

You will be able to use 4 cores.


I installed the sound drivers on the Gigabyte CD and one I downloaded from Realtek. I thought that KB888111 is included in that package. I'm away right now, but I will check the version numbers soon, most of the drivers are on that machine. Also, there's NO S3 suspend or hibernation, perhaps unable to power down the audio hardware without a driver?

I tried your CPU registry patch for the quad, but Windows locked me out and wouldn't let me login. I had to open the registry offline and reset the changes.

Also, I was confused as to which of your video drivers to use. Likewise, I couldn't determine which version of your AHCI is appropriate for the 890GX/SB850.

I have access to my notes...

I used your video ati2k1001.zip, it's very stable, but there's a single entry in the Event viewer on every boot:

Event Type: Information

Event Source: Save Dump

Event Category: None

Event ID: 1001

Date: 7/19/2010

Time: 10:29:40 AM

User: N/A

Computer: GIGA


The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x0000001e (0xc0000005, 0x804f5ba4, 0x00000000, 0x00000033). Microsoft Windows 2000 [v15.2195]. A dump was saved in: C:\WINNT\Minidump\Mini071910-06.dmp.

Also Windows File Protection, Event ID: 64002 for system32\ksclockf.ax and a bunch of k*ax files, not sure if this is related.

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I installed from the Gigabyte CD that comes with the mobo, but USB3.0 root hub is not installing properly (as you can see in my screen shot) so the device is not functional.

Phenomic, it seems you succeeded to install a Usb 3.0 driver for the Nec chip with W2k...

Could you tell us more? Here or there, as you prefer:

The kind of questions your screenshot raises:

- Where does the driver installer come from?

- Was it the normal installation procedure?

- Do you get Usb 3.0 performance?


Blackwingcat, I confirm what Syclone0044 saw:

neither KB979683-v2 nor CoreChg.zip are accessible.

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An update on Win2000 on 890GX/SB850 (GIGABYTE GA-890GPA-UD3H)

The good news:

I fixed S3 Suspend, used “Enable S3 for USB Device” from CD, now it suspends/resumes faster than you can blink, much faster than XP, Vista or Vista Light 7.

Also, I loaded blackwingcat's new video driver (ati1007w2k), it's very stable in Win2000 with Radeon HD 4290... thank you! Next I'm gonna try my Phenom II X4 B55 on Win2K, for under $100 it unlocks to a quad and outperforms intel CPUs selling for over $1,000


The bad news:

I have a “dirty” but working Windows 2000, so I tried to do a new “clean” install and failed. I slipstreamed AMD drivers with nlite but Win2k CD installer just hangs... But this mobo has 3 different types of sata connectors: 1-4 = SATA, then there are 2 (5&6) controlled separately in BIOS, and 2 JMicron (7&8 the white ones) than can run as PATA, so no drivers may be needed in win2k.

Also, there's no sound yet (as per my screen shot above), but the drivers appear to install without error (just like USB 3.0). As I've mentioned above, I've used 3 different mobos with this Win2k installation, so there were drivers in the registry for VIA HD audio, Creative Audio WDM and a different type of Realtek chip... and NVIDIA drivers, so perhaps there's something interfering.

Edited by Phenomic
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  • 2 weeks later...

The main lesson I learned is this: If Windows 2000 will not install on the latest AMD mobos, it doesn't mean that Win2000 doesn't run on new hardware, it simply means that the Win2k installer doesn't work.

In this case, win2k booted fine off an existing installation. All it needed was drivers off the Gigabyte CD that comes with the mobo. Even Linux doesn't yet support the SB850 chipset, so it's remarkable that win2k does!

The first stage of Win2k/XP installation copies files and creates a basic windows boot. I think that might be sufficient for installation, but I don't know how to create such a basic bootable image of Windows. Would starting the installation from within windows work?

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Well done Phenomic at getting most of it working, and good score on the Phenom II .

Cheers to Blackwing for you help in keeping one of the better M$ OS'es running.


I have no need to run an over bloated Vista or its service pack w7, its also well known that older software can have less holes in it because of all of the updates and things being sorted over time.

Also Win2000 did not "(started as NT5.0)" it is NT5.0, everything I want and need works, often in half the time and space.

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when you don't like NT6 (.0 or .1) use XP. It is supported till 2014. Or is XP also "bloated"?

Well it is much slower and uses 3 times as much memory and space as my 2k installs.

But it also does a lot of things I dont want, like or need, I dont need fisher price 'bling' and eye candy to keep my brain active while I work.

I have yet to see a security hole that I or more often, some other cant patch, I also am 99.9% sure that my networks are so safe that I could run 2K or XP unpatched and still be safe, most security problems come from the bit in the chair.

If you feel the need to sign up people to the Emperor's new clothes please try some place where they care, I for one dont, I have been using computers before 'windows' turned up, and remember when my dad showed one of the first versions to me and said my reply was "whats the point, how can I run or write anything ?".

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Well done Phenomic at getting most of it working, and good score on the Phenom II .

Cheers to Blackwing for you help in keeping one of the better M$ OS'es running.


Thanks. Windows 2000 was designed for Pentium II CPU and 32 MB memory, so with a quad Phenom running at 4GHz and 4 gigabytes of memory win2k just flies!!!

I've temporarily disabled USB 3.0 in BIOS because it breaks S3 in Linux.... But I still can't install the Windows sound drivers. The previously installed VIA sound drivers are still there and preventing the Realtek driver (and Control Panel applet) from loading. However, everything else works flawlessly and this is the fastest Win2000 I've ever seen :D

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The GIGABYTE GA-890GPA-UD3H is a new mobo (version 2.0 BTW), so I installed the latest BIOS (FEb) and downloaded the branded audio drivers from Gigabyte... and we have sound!

Uptime is excellent, no problems. I'm beating up on it and can't break it. I wake it up from other machines on my network, use it and remotely put it to sleep. System idles at 52 watts at the wall, XP idles at 47. CPU and GPU are both throttling, so the difference must come from elsewhere. XP's cpu driver optimized for the Phenom offers no peformance advantage, K10stat throttles very well and outperforms C&Q (will post benchmark comparisons soon).

Installation: Win2k detected and re-configured all devices, when it asked for drivers I offered the CD from Gigabyte. It's running standard 2kSP4, with blackwingcat's 'Logical CPU Limit Break' and video ati1008w2k. Device “ATI HDMI Audio” still not loading. What does it do? Win2k Installation failed at the 1st stage – text mode. So if I reinstall, I'll do 1st stage with a vanilla mobo, then plug the disk to the 890GX for the first boot and continue from there.

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Win2k VS XP benchmarks

I've swapped out the Phenom B55 CPU for a 965 but Win2K vs XP performance per MHz is basically identical. Win2K has an advantage in 2D graphics and XP a slight advantage in disk performance because I was able to install the AHCI driver.

B55_NO_C&Q = XP

GA-890GPA-UD3H = Win2K

Win2k VS XP Summary


Win2k VS XP Detail


Same results in HTML Table

Edited by Phenomic
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Done, Win2k on GIGABYTE GA-890GPA-UD3H. I even loaded the AHCI driver but performance is no better than "Native IDE" mode.


Also, I prefer the way NVIDIA video drivers display fonts. If you look at the image above, the ATI driver makes font look washed out.

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