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DVD rom missing


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I have an HP laptop(model: dv6000)

after windows update my dvd rom is missing, it does not have filter problems

there are no upper and lower filters present in the registry

I removed the dvd rom and put it into another laptop and it works. I put working dvd rom into this laptop

and it does get recognized in the device manager or the computer.

There is no icon for the DVD rom in the device manager as well.

When i add generic dvd rom as legacy hardware from device manager, it adds the icon with a "?" with code 31

the laptop does not recognize the hardware at all.

When i go to the HP site and try to upgrade the driver for the model, it says i do not have the device connected

though it is connected.

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You could also try to boot (XP install CD or a linux distro) from it to check it is fully working.

I tried different CDs ,XP and different versions of Vista and Windows 7

I have a VHD image from the time everything was working fine.

How do I recover the driver/registry from it to make DVD rom working?

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