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Is there a manual on how to use multiple config files?

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Hello Everyone,

What I'm trying to achieve is installing different sets of programs, depending on what the system is meant for.

So, I was thinking that different config files can be set up for regular business PC's, versus multimedia workstations or development workstations.

The problem is that WPI always launches with config.js. Even if I go to config and load a different config.js-type file, shutting down WPI will reset it back to the defaults.

Are there command-line arguments to allow me to launch WPI with specific config files?

The documentation doesn't say very much at all on how to work with multiple config files, even though this is obviously a supported feature.

All help and guidance is appreciated!

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Command line uses of WPI

WPI supports the use of command line arguments for selection of custom files and time for even further customization of your WPI disks or setups.

Example: WPI.exe options=useroptions_mritter.js config=config_mritter.js check=Work timer=30

1.If a path is not specified for the file, it will assume they are in the WPIScripts folder.

2.Paths can be full (starting with a drive letter) or relative to WPI.hta

(starting with '.\', '..\', or '\\').

3.Spaces are supported only if the path provided is properly quoted:

config="c:\space in\file path.js"

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