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[Request] Remote Desktop 7.0 for Windows Server 2003


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The latest Remote Desktop Client was released only for XP and Vista, but I'm using it on Server 2003 with no issues (I've extracted and copied files manually, as update.inf and catalog doesn't match operating system). Is possible to integrate it on Windows 2003?





Thanks! :)

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how could I create a add-on for it? seems that the catalog file and update.inf should be modified, but how? :blink:

thanks :)

I didn't manually copy files at all. Instead, I created a batch file to swap update.inf files:


Maybe that'll help you integrate it...

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thanks! this would help to install, but anyone have successfully integrated it on 2003? :rolleyes:

I did. This is a copy/paste from my post at wincert.

Here you go. I waited a really long time before saying, screw it. I'll make it myself. This is specifically made for Windows 2003.


It is also updated with the latest KB 2483614 update.

This is a true addon, and it only works via integration since this addon replaces files in the i386 directory, instead of using a cab file

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