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Strange hardware behaviour


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My computer started to act strangely. I have 2 sata hdds and one ide. Motherboard is Asus L5d2.

Recently, windows vista business x86 sees one of my sata drives as failed and will not mount it. I've checked the drive with a few 3rd party tools and the hardware is fine (no bad sectors) and all the data is readable. When I boot the same machine to windows server 2008 R2 x64 the machine sees the ide drive as failed and the sata drive works perfectly. I'm using the latest BIOS and drivers, and as I've mentioned, this behaviour started recently.

Any ideas?


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No real ideas here, but I suggest you make regular backups of your precious data

while you still can (and of course: backup to another drive or CD/DVD, not the same

drive that gives you trouble).

While some tools may report no problems at all, it's never a guarantee :no:



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