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How to Integrate Lenovo PortCode (Brazil ABNT2 Keyboard) into Lenovo O

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Hi Guys,

I need some clue on how to do this.

I´m a Local Reseler of Lenovo in Brazil, and here we use the ABNT 2 Keyboard.

Well i have about 1000 notebooks to sell, and all them were imported by Lenovo ( they come with the standard notebook keyboard US International ), when those machines arrives - we change the keyboard here from US to our ABNT2 unit.

The problem is the Lenovo Keyboard is quite different from ABNT2 Specs so ... / ? keys does not work, lenovo provide on support page a PortCode program, it just write a RegKey on Windows in order to corret map the position of the / ? keys.

Now it´s the big problem that i need some help.

The end-user does not known how to download and use the notebook - so ... he does not known how to find and install the portcode, since all the units are imported from US ... there is no special build of Lenovo Image, and even Brazilian one - have to manual install the portcode.

How can i Integrate the PortCode to the OEM build, since the end (final user) ... first starts his notebook, it will come with the pre-install screen asking the name of the computer, and so on ...

I need to have portcode working before and after that screen, without doing the pre-install part - since user is supposed to do it for himselft.

Is there any kind of Sysprep for Vista - to force it asking all things again just like Windows XP ?

Tks and Best Regards

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there is no special build of Lenovo Image, and even Brazilian one - have to manual install the portcode.
Let's build one then.

If the machines are already imaged when you get them from lenovo, you will likely have to boot up one machine, manually make your changes, sysprep, reseal and capture that as a new WIM. Then you could lay that Sysprep image on all the other machines, and your customers would get the OOBE and working keyboard while fulfilling all M$ re-distribution requirements.

NOTED: If any of these keyboard settings are user-based or HKCU based, instead make the changes in the default user profile, as sysprep will delete your user account when it generalizes the machine. (but not default user settings)

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