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Foler view settings are not being remembered by XP


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I am using XP SP3 which already has increased the amount of folder views XP remembers. I have a folder set up that i use to dload a lot of things, it has files and folders mixed arranged by date. Every now and then when i turn the pc on the folder has put all the files together by type and all the folders together.

The only way i can restore it is by using sys restore. It has happened about 3 times so far. I wish solve this issue without restoring over and over.

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I am having a similar problem. Everytime I boot up, my folder settings appear to have been reset to the default (Icons), sorted by name. It doesn't happen if PC goes into sleep or hibernation.

This started happening a few weeks ago. Before that it was fine. Could it have something to do with changing of year to 2010?

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