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  1. I am having a similar problem. Everytime I boot up, my folder settings appear to have been reset to the default (Icons), sorted by name. It doesn't happen if PC goes into sleep or hibernation. This started happening a few weeks ago. Before that it was fine. Could it have something to do with changing of year to 2010?
  2. I added a new user. Now both the new one and the old remember their settings. If I do a power down and restart, the settings are remembered. If I just select "Restart", the default (wrong) settings are loaded. If I log off the user and immediately logon, the correct theme is loaded. I noticed that when I go to the properites, the "Windows Classic" theme is in selected theme in the drop down menu. The apply button is grayed out, so if a select another theme and then select Classic Windows, then I can click the Apply button
  3. Windows does not remeber the settings I have in display properties (right click on Desktop). I prefer having the "Windows Classic" (under the "Theme Tab"), but it always boots up with the "Windows XP" theme. Additionally my screen saver is changed to the default "Windws XP", even though I repeately set it to "none". The sounds also reset to the default values (I keep setting them to "None") I have tried to save my themes under different names, but nothing seems to work. It appears that XP may bestopping at the default values and for what ever reason doesn't load the customized settings. Any suggestions on where to look or what to do. Thanks

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