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Rundll errors on new Windows XP pc


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A user has a relatively new pc but for a couple of weeks now is getting the following two errors everytime she logs on -

1) Rundll32.exe...c:\windows\system32\tapi.info is not a valid windows image.

When you click OK on this, the second one pops up...

2) Rundll...error loading tapi.info...%1 is not a valid Win32 application.

I had a quick look for this tapi.info file but can't find it and the user hasnt made any changes which could affect the image unless it happened by accident but hardly as she doesn't have admin rights. They are not affecting the efficiency of the pc and don't re-appear once they are clicked off until the next logon.

Any help would bve greatly appreciated!

Many thanks,


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It may have been "blocked out/deleted" by an AntiVirus software and this is a "leftover" registry entry.

Suggest scanning with a/the AntiVirus again (check any logs IF you have Antivirus), MalwareBytes, and maybe SpyBot. Hopefully, this will "fix" it. If any/all "bad stuff" has been finally removed, then the entry may need manually deleted from the registry.

edit - Hmmm... MalwareBytes post on it.

Another reference (RootKit?)

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Guest lanejared


The DLL file you are talking about plays vita role in XP.

Do as "submix8c" say.

Still doesn't get corrected back up that DLL file from the System folder.

Download from DDl.com and overright the existing one.

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