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Kaspersky cache removal issue


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Hi to all. I am using Kaspersky Internet Security trial version on XP Pro SP3 x86 OS. Is it okay, if i remove files from C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Kaspersky Lab\AVP9\Bases\Cache folder and from

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Kaspersky Lab\AVP9\Data\Updater\Temporary Files folder.

Please let me know. Thanks

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My guess is it is safe to delete those files, since they are in folders named Cache and Temporary. However why would you want to remove them?
I wouldn't delete any file created by Kaspersky. They are very sophisticated in protecting their keys. There is a good good chance that after deleting that stuff Kaspersky stops signature updates with the err msg "Not all files were updated. File black.lst [=blacklisted keys] is missing or corrupted. Please run Updater to fix the problem." And there is only a slim chance that re-running the updater will fix the problem.

These "temp" folders are pretty big folders and tend to bloat backups. Nevertheless I always include them in my backups, otherwise Kaspersky may not make any more signature updates from a restored backup.

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