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vista win explorer very slow to open cd / dvd


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I am personally on winxp pro sp2 and have started testing win7 x64 so my vista exposure is limited.

So far whenever I find myself working on a vista computer and having to read a cd or dvd of cdrw or cdr material

upon opening windows explorer to read the media is very slow.

There is a green highlight that appears to be a percentage indicator whose progress

is agonizingly slow or at times hangs completely. Even backup disks burned on the same computer

exhibit the same behavior when I go back to read them.

While testing win7 I have not seen the same problem and of course winxp doesn't have this problem

I would hack away at the computers, which are not mine, if I knew there was a fix.

Thanks in advance, Peace on Earth.

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I get this a lot with whitebooks. It seems some pressed media from MSI and AOpen take forever to open in Vista and Windows 7. I am guessing that there is a compatibility problem with DVD combo drives (slim-line SATA) that doesn't make a concern in XP. As for how to fix, typically if the CD does not work, I elect to load drivers/software from the file server, thus never actually solving the problem. In addition, I only use Vista in Audit mode, so I am not sure if that makes a difference.

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