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Please help me to integrate DELL Perc S100 Raid controller driver

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I bought a DELL Poweredge T110 which comes with Perc S100 Raid controller (it seems to be made by Broadcom). And I thus configured a Raid 1 (2 identical hard drives). Then I tried to use the nLite to integrate the driver (for xp 32 bit). I chose 'single driver' option in nLite. The driver is located here:


(self extracted files including txtsetup.oem and etc).

I burned it to CD and loaded to my new T110. It spits out

'Can't find bcraid.sys' file' on the screen and asked to reboot.

but bcraid.sy_ is located under i386 and also i386/nldrv/001

T110 also come with Intel ACHI controller. I also tried to load both 'perc s100 driver' with 'Intel achi driver' via 'mulitple driver' option in nLite, this also gave me 'can't find bcraid.sys' file error.

Finally integrating Intel ACHI driver alone worked fine. However, I really want to take adavantage of RAID1 provided by T110. (You know XP does not support raid out of the box).

Your help is appreciated. Thanks.

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