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about the hotfixes


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i wanna know the way of hotfix is useful or not.

i extract the file from hotfix, and directly replace the same name of original one. and check on the update website.

then i found that kb number was no longer displayed on the list. Does this method will effect without problems? can you test it for me?

Thank you~

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Extracting and copying in the binaries manually has 2 possible issues:

1. If the package does more than just replacing/adding binaries (such as ACL changes or registry modifications/additions)

2. You have to do version control manually and might end up regressing other fixes for the same binary (e.g. replacing QFE v1.5 of a binary with GDR v1.6)

The other guaranteed side effect is that the hotfix will not be listed in "installed updates" so it's easy to lose track of which you have processed.

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