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  1. hi i wanna know the way of hotfix is useful or not. i extract the file from hotfix, and directly replace the same name of original one. and check on the update website. then i found that kb number was no longer displayed on the list. Does this method will effect without problems? can you test it for me? Thank you~
  2. Hi, everybody! last week, i've installed the win2k os, and i find out about 70 hotfixes remaining on the update site. so, i want to integrate those things into the source cd. i know, there're two ways to do: one is $OEM$ folder; the other is KBnumber.exe /integrate:fullpath. But both of them enlarge the source cd iso. Does anyone got some other effective way to process? today, i use the totaluninstall software to monitor the kb891861, and obtain the detail of files and registry values. then i extract the new version files and compile them using makecab. and replace the same name files with my compressed file directly. and use $OEM$ import the registry, and the command line in the update.inf. Does my method will make effect like the manually installation?
  3. I've downloaded a Cracked enterprise version of SQL2005,and Service Pack 2 from Microsoft,How to integrates them into one Setup Install

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