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Remove Product Key from Office 2003 exe


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Hi. :hello: I was wondering: Is there a way to remove the product key (serial #) from an [extracted] Office 2003 exe file? (e.g. Can I do that with Slipstreamer 1.7.4? Is what I'm asking even possible? If so, how do I do it? )

It's just a thought I had. Thanks! :)

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Not sure i understand what you're asking

- Typically in office 2003 you add a product key when you create an 'administrative' install (setup.exe /a), the following windows asks for user/company name & a product key.

So i don't understand what you mean by extracted office 2003 exe.

if you mean remove the product key from an admin install, then i can't see the point.

If you want to create an updated office install without the need for entering a product key then you can do a 'Direct Integration' which Siginet Office Integrator can do, and perhaps mara's integrator.

So its better that you clarify the question on what you are trying to do

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If what you want to have is an unattended installation, BUT that WILL (eventually) ask for a product key, you should add a registry command (in any form you like, e.g. batch file/command line and/or .reg file, etc.) that will erase the following values from the registry:



This way Office will ask for a product key the first time you run any of it's products.

Only problem is - I think {xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx} is a unique string on each machine (someone please correct me if I'm wrong), so you must find a way figure it out if you wanna do the deletion part automatically...

Hope I helped, in a way...


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