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NLite & Debugging Tools


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Hey everyone. :hello:

I use the debug tools a lot & was just wondering: Does any one know if there is a way to add them to an XP_SP3 disc? (What I mean is: Can they be slipstreamed?)

Debugging Tools for Windows: http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/devtools/downloads.mspx

Symbols package is a .exe file. Debugger is a .msi file.

Thanks for any help. :)

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keirkei, these tools will not directly integrate into nLite. At the top of this forum is a sub-forum on Application AddOns. Please look here and see if one or more of yours is included. Also the RyanVM forum is a good source for AddOns. Both forums have information on how to create your own AddOns. Here is a thread that I wrote on creating an IE8 AddOn which is applicable to any application with the appropriate changes. Here is a thread by Kurt_Aust that shows how to add many applications and updates via the Unattended RunOnce exit. Both of the last two are for x64, but apply as well to 32 bit XP. Enjoy, John.

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