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Questions on unattended cd setup

Guest xman

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I've downloaded the IE8_NLD.exe and inserted it into the Hotfixes, Add-ons and Update Packs but when I've installed the cd, it's still IE6. Where have I gone wrong?

When I've installed the wallpapers on the cd, how can I have a particular one become the default wallpaper instead of the one from MS.

And on themes, I go to c:\$OEM$\$$\Resources\Themes but eg do I put the my.theme/my.msstyle with the the my folder or do I just put the my.zip in?

And where do the extras like Winrar, Unlocker etc go on the cd?

What do I need to edit if I want to change the look of the Welcome screen on the cd near the end where it asks whether you want to register now, user name, connect to the internet etc?

Please help me with a walk through.


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First of all, this is a post for the nLite forum.

IE8 can't be added in that section; you can add an add-on or install it silently with switches, the choice is yours (use search here for any of the options). This goes for the other add-ons as well (WinRAR, Unlocker...).

A lot of your other questions can be answered HERE

Default wallpaper: take the image you want to have as default. Rename it to Bliss (in .jpg format). Copy/paste it to C:\. Open Command Prompt and type in this command:

makecab c:\bliss.jpg c:\bliss.jp_

Then copy/paste (replace) bliss.jp_ in the i386 folder.

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