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Windows explorer jumps/scrolls to bottom?


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Anyone else being driven crazy by this issue?

In Windows Explorer, as you're navigating in the left pane, double-click a folder or expand the folder that is selected... the left pane jumps/scrolls down so that the folder you've expanded is the very last one displayed, at the bottom of the pane!

This is driving me bonkers! :blink: I can select folders in a particular way to prevent this, but it's a pain, and I forget half the time that it's going to happen. This behavior didn't happen with XP, can't say for Vista.

Anyone else see this or have a fix??

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This is driving me nuts too. I think it's time to search for a 3rd party replacement for Windows Explorer - it is hopelessly flawed; horrible search, and directory tree navigation. I wonder if they still make XTGold :)

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Yes, this is driving me crazy as well. :angry: I've tried to find something, anything, in the setup and configuration screens to change this annoying process but haven't had any luck so far.

I wouldn't even mind if the parent directory jumped to the TOP of the left pane. At least then the subdirectories would be visible below it. As it is now with the parent directory dropping to the bottom, if there are more than a couple of subs you have to scroll the left pane down to view them.

Whatever directory you click the arrow on to expand shouldn't jump/move at all. All that should happen is the subdirectories should open below it.

And, yes, I don't think this occurred in XP. XP didn't have those little arrows either. You just clicked on the directory icon and it would expand/drop down to expose the subdirectories.

Other than this annoyance, I like Windows 7 so far. But since I use Windows Explorer a lot, it's a real pain in the a$$.

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