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Admin name account changed now have problem uninstalling


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hey guys.

have a vista question which i am not familiar with at all when it comes to troubleshooting.

I have a friend that's having problems uninstalling apps from her system. I am pretty sure she renamed the administrator user account at now everytime you need to uninstall an app it defaults to c:\users\administrator\<whatever_app_path_goes_here>\ so I just have to manually change the path to c:\users\makody\<whatever_app_path_goes_here>\.

Where can I change the source path in vista for it to look for the default account or how can I go about working this out?

her account is set to administrator, UAC is disabled and it's Vista Home Premium sp2


ps- this seems to be with applications intalled prior to the name change, new apps that I installed have no problem uninstalling. And under C:\users\ I have the 2 user accounts along with the Default and Public folders, no Administrator

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