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Automating Winpe


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well, I'll try to explain my scenario for you.

In my network I have a server with A.D. and DNS roles installed, and another server with WDS role, both with Windows 2008 Server. I don't use SCCM, I'm using basically, WAIK, MDT 2008 plus WDS.

In my WDS server in workbench all parts necessary are added successfuly, OS, Applications, OS Packages, Out-of-Box- Drivers, task sequences and deployment points. In WDS there is only one boot image "Lite touch Windows PE (x86).

I'm having a trouble in windows PE’s automation , I use the Windows System Image Manager to add the Win PE’s image to configuration file and the text file Unattend.xml, but it shows me error messages.

The first is about the catalog;

The second is an error.

It’s seems that Windows PE can’t be updated in the (SIM), I can’t associate the Windows PE image with a answer file, I would like to know if it’s possible to edit edit a Windows PE image to automated information like, username, password and domain.

I’m inexperienced with Automating with WDS+MDT and would grateful through help of you.

PS: I'm sending the unattend file that is used in automation.

Sincerely , Tiago Maraldi


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I'm currently using mdt 2010, but I in mdt 2010, the computer doesn’t start through the network, in the ‘TASK SEQUENCE’ tab is disabled the options.

I want to automate this process, the credentials, without to have interference of user.

I’m sending the problem in screens, two images showing the situations that isn’t automated, as that “RUN THE DEPLOYMENT WIZARD”, and the other image shows, that in my tasks sequence there isn’t a option to continue.





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To enter the network credentials into your rules, enter the following :





To automate what TS you would like them to use, use the following property :



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where should I add or modify these parameters?

Now I'm using MDT 2010, there is a directory "SCRIPTS" that contain various scripts, for example:

I modified the archive xml BDD_WELCOME_ENU.xml

in the line : document.title = "**********"

Any description that is insert between " *** " will appear in the begining on the excecution part "RUN DEPLOYMENT WIZARD to install a new operating system"

So, I think that I should configure the files found in this 'scripts' to take effect in automating Winpe.

this image appear for me now:


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