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Silent Install Scripts (nLite)

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Hello everyone. I have used this forum a great deal to help me with many of my silent installations, but now I actually need help because I had difficulties finding my next requirement on this forum. This is a great forum by the way, VERY helpful.

This seems to me like a very basic need, but some reason I could just not find what I am looking for. I apologize if this was covered somewhere else, and if it was please send me the link.

So I have been spending many many hours scripting, creating autoinstalls for many programs. I then created an autoinstall to install all of the many programs that I created the autoinstalls for. So basically I now have a single exe file that automatically installs all of my programs that I want on the computer.

Now my question; how do I get nLite to install this exe after the installation of Windows completes? I tried adding it to the hotfixes/addon section, but that did not work.

So basically I just want this exe to run after Windows finishes its install.

I greatly appreciate any help anyone can give me.




I figured it out. I found "RunOnce" section in nLite.


rd C:temp /S /Q

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