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Signed driver still not accepted


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BT848.sys is a widely used video capture driver that's not signed, and disliked by Win7 x64. Having no interest in doing the F8 routine, I decided to sign it using SDK 6.1 for Win 7. Now, the driver says it's signed, and the certificate says "digital signature ok". I used a command line "cmd.exe /c certutil -p mypassword -importpfx codesigner.pfx" to make things more automated, but when the driver wasn't accepted, I ran the .pfx file manually to import info to the Trusted Root Certification Authorities/Registry, and it's says "import successful". With all that looking ok, Win 7 still won't accept the driver. (and, yes, I did use search, but may've missed something). BTW, I tried ReadyDriverPlus (which works fine on Vista), and Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider, and both resulted in permanent BSOD's, even in safe mode. I'm sure something has been overlooked, but what? Any ideas what may be tried next? Thanks.

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