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Visual Studio Service Packs Slipstream (How To)


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Hi to all.

1. I have visual studio Team 2008 Team suite evaluation edition. So How can i slipstream Visual Studio 2008 SP1 for this edition. I tired this once. I came to know about this process by reading some posts in internet. But it is not properly done. After the completion of process i checked the folder, but i didn't find "autorun.inf" and installation file of visual studio. Only i saw corresponding msi file. Is this SP1 is applicable for Team suite or it is only applicable for Professional, Standard and Express editions of Visual Studio 2008?.

2. How can i slipstream SP6 for Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise Edition.

Plz let me know the detailed procedure for slip-streaming of above said two issues.

Thanks to all.

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I've tried it with VS2008 Sp1 and it doesn't work. The VS2008 Setup is based on so many different parts, so that you can't slipstream the Sp1 correctly.

Slipstreaming the Sp1 into VS2005 works fine.

Thnaks. Let me know slipstreaming of SP6 for Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise Edition.

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Hi. I studied in above threads. The info in link 2 seems to be nice. But i have some questions. I am posting all those here. Plz let me know.

I have Visual studio 6.0 Enterprise Edition CD. The VS 6.0 EE CD started automatically after inserting it in CD drive. It is saying that "The Installation Wizard must update your Microsoft Virtual Machine for Java in order to proceed. The system will reboot after the update is complete and the Installation Wizard will automatically continue after rebooting." In below line with active tickmark in a box "Update Microsoft Virutal Machine for Java" is there.

I have Win XP Pro x86 with SP3. I think Microsoft abandoned the VM support for Java. Then is this necessary? If we cancel this is this affet the functionality of VS 6.0 EE after installaiton.

I did not understand the below said two lines form http://support.microsoft.com/?id=195828 link.

1. Share out the folder that contains the disk images.

2. On the client computer, connect to that share, and then run the following command:

path of the share\VS6CD1\SMSINST.EXE /k your CD Key

The VS 6.0 EE CD which i have, is not asking for serial key while installing. A flle named "KEY.DAT" is there in root directory of VS 6.0 EE. I don't know about that key file.

In link http://www.msfn.org/board/visual-studio-6-....html#entry1863

In post 9 "pthomas" said that

echo Installing Sun Java

::start /wait j2re-1_4_2_05-windows-i586-p.exe /s /v"/qb ADDLOCAL=jrecore IEXPLORER=1"

:: To hide install stuff, use /qn. n for nothing, b for basic UI

i.e., he is first installing JRE first then VS 6.0. So from this we may understand that, if we have JRE already installed in our system we are not required to install VM for java. I have JRE in my PC.

All these ok. But if i made silent installation with my VS 6.0 EE CD, how can i stop installing "Update Microsoft Virutal Machine for Java". If i can not stop this installation, how can i stop rebooting. In the Microsoft link http://support.microsoft.com/?id=195828 link they did not mentioned it. Plz let me know this.

I understood the remaining install.bat file. But i would like to install VS 6.0 processor pack along with these SP5 and SP6. i.e., after installation of SP5 and SP6. So please let me know how to change install.bat file and cleanup.bat file.

One question here. Normally we put install.dat file in root directory of VS 6.0 EE CD. In that root directory we may have autorun.inf, so system does not get confused by seeing these two files. So we already have install.bat file, then autorun.inf file is necessary? How execution starts from install.bat file only. My autorun.inf file looks like below.




Please give me answers to all my questions if possible. Please don't think otherwise with my bad written English language.

Thank you

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I have yet to see a method to slipstream SP1 into VS2008 that works properly. Good luck with that. VS2010 is right around the corner anyway (already in beta).

Hi. The info which i have to slip-stream SP1 to VS2008 is below. But in that nothing is mentioned about, is this applicable to VS 2008 Team suite or not. For VS2005 SP1 Microsoft mentioned the SP1 of VS2005 is applicable to Team suite, Professional and other editons. But in for VS2008 SP1 they didn't said any thing as said to VS2005 SP1. The steps are below.

Step 1

msiexec.exe /a E:\vs_setup.msi TARGETDIR=F:\VS2k8 /L*vx F:\VS2k8\vsinstall.log

Note: Copy WcfTestClient.chm file from x:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\1033 folder to the x:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\IDE folder before running step 2.

(Where x is the letter of your optical media or virtual media drive.)

Step 2

VS90sp1-KB945140-ENU.exe /extract F:\VS2k8SP1\Extracted

Step 3

msiexec.exe /a F:\VS2k8\vs_setup.msi /p F:\VS2k8SP1\Extracted\VS90sp1-KB945140-X86-ENU.msp /L*vx F:\VS2k8\patch.log

Step 4

xcopy E: /h /i /r /s /exclude:exclude.txt

Once completed the slipstreamed installation folder is 4,490,358,390 bytes and contains 14,966 files with 1,543 folders.

After slip-stream i checked the file WcfTestClient.chm. It is in two places as said above. I didn't understand why we need to copy this file.

The below method may be possible. (I don't know exactly). If installation possible in attended mode, then only the below said method works.

1. Copy the contents of VS2008 Team Suite DVD to a folder named VS2008. Copy the extracted SP1 folder to VS2008 directory.

Here we need to write the install.bat file to install VS2008 in attended mode, and after installation of VS2008 it should start installation of VS2008 SP1. After that cleanup process should be done by cleanup.bat file. We may require .reg file also to register VS2008 (I think so).

But some issues are there.

The VS2008 Team Suite DVD size is 3.82 GB and VS2008 SP1 size is around 850 MB. So the combined high volume is not fit into a DVD5 i.e., single layer DVD. So in order to put this into single layer DVD me need to make the VS2008 SP1 folder as self-extracting compressed file and put it in VS2008 folder. The extraction should done in any temporory folder in target system while installing VS2008, to reduce total installation time or it may start extracting, after installation of VS2008 TS. After completion of VS2008 installation, the SP1 should start and it should update the file accordingly. Here we are making VS2008 Team suite installaiton in attended mode. So the SP1 installation should update the components which are installed from VS2008 TS. After completion of installation of SP1 the cleanup.bat should clean the installation files of SP1. I think so we need to have one registry file also.


consider the above said points. If possible let me know.


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consider the above said points

It's not like I didn't find these months ago (yes, I can Google too!)

But like I said before, it doesn't work right. Many have tried before (including a lot of bright folks), and so far none has succeeded. Good luck, you're pretty much on your own here. Not that I'd even bother at this point as VS2010 should be out shortly. I've been using the RC/Beta for like 5 months already and it's a lot better in many ways.

About VS6, no idea as I've stopped using that many, many years ago. You couldn't pay me enough to use it.

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