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What can be done with Stringtables

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To all you wojnderful people,

I am working in Windows Ultimate 64 bit, and noticed that it has a substancial amount of stringtables. Can I enhance the output from a stringtable? by Using different fonts? Colors ect., could someone write a tutorial please?

John :thumbup:hello:

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String tables are just pure text, you cannot change the appearance of the text since that's done from within code (although some programs might specify font names in string tables).

There are a few tricks you can do with string tables: under Windows XP if you delete both string table entries for "Start" and "start" in explorer.exe then your start button will physically disappear from your taskbar. You can give yourself a smaller start button by making the text zero-length, or give yourself a huge button by padding it out with whitespace characters.

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