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Folder Redirection


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I've checked what you last suggested and all seems ok in that respect.

I'm positive it's something to do with my computer still thinking it needs to synchronize with \\server01\data

Screen shot for you:



If I can get rid of this then I think everything will be ok again!

If all else fails I'll have to format my server which I really don't want to do! Alas folder direction and roaming profiles will never be used on my home domain ever ever again :)

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It's fairly straightforward to disable the Offline Files/Synchronization mularky.

I wouldn't be put off by this experience. If nothing else it goes to show that creating and maintaining a Domain requires planning and isn't something which should be rushed into. Folder Redirection does work (at the end of the day it's only a pointer), OK so Roaming Profiles are not done very well in Windows.

Good Luck. Sorry we couldn't sort it out. B)

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Hi Jinx,

Sorry, just seen your post! It definitely sounds like your PC and not the server. In fact, it sounds like the offline folder sync, seeing as said the icon was flashing and you could not get rid of it.

Have you tried disabling the offline folder sync on your desktop altogether?

Then run gpupdate again and reboot the desktop.

That should do it!


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