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  1. I've checked what you last suggested and all seems ok in that respect. I'm positive it's something to do with my computer still thinking it needs to synchronize with \\server01\data Screen shot for you: If I can get rid of this then I think everything will be ok again! If all else fails I'll have to format my server which I really don't want to do! Alas folder direction and roaming profiles will never be used on my home domain ever ever again
  2. Have tried ipconfig /flushdns but no avail. My ip range is 192.168.50.xx Server01 is DC, DHCP & DNS Server Results of nslookup server01.linusit.local: Server: server01.linusit.local Address: Name: server01.linusit.local Address:
  3. Exchange server is exactly correct, there are several shares on server 01. It's really strange, as the share "data" doesn't even exists on server01 anymore! All the shares on Server01 are seperate partitions, music, software and so on. If I try \\server01\d$ e$ f$ which are all valid, I get "the network path was not found" when if I do the same on server02, it works great. My workstation seems to have cache the old data. Could you elaborate on the IP scheme and dns stuff that you mentionned? I'm pretty sure all is ok as for any other machine it's working great! Here is a screen shot of various things from Synchronize:
  4. I've taken some screen shots so here they are: 1) View of server01 shares from my workstation 2) View of server01 shares from my other server (exchange server) 3) Results of Start > Run \\server01\c$ from my workstation 4) Results of Start > Run \\server01\c$ from other server If you need to see anything else just say and i'll sort it out straight away!
  5. Im getting close to wiping my server and never looking at folder redirection & roaming profiles again! The schronization icon is flashing away in the corner and I cannot get rid of it. Everything is cancelled off on the server side, roaming profiles and folder direction. If I try and change the properties button I get an error message of System policy prohibits use of offline folders. I haven't set this policy up and can't find it anyway on the server, rsop.msc doesn't mention anything of that sort. Please help as I can't even do any work because all my shares are not accessible. If I go to \\server01 all I can see is a data folder with the redirection icon on it.
  6. I have deleted the share and the GPO restarted both server and workstation, recreated the GPO with that all important tick box ticked and create a new share (different name). Did gpupdate, restarted computer, logged on and off several times but my documents location was always the same. I have since changed it manually. If I delete the GPO now, will it disapear for good?
  7. I can't be 100% sure but I don't think I did. I'm guessing I didn't as everything is messed up now. I added this post to my favorites earlier, went back to view it and it wasn't there! This is driving me nuts, lol
  8. Hi I seem to have fubared my domain by setting up roaming profiles and folder redirection. The only folder I redirected using GPO was My documents. I used it for a few days then decided I didn't like it, so deleted the policy, this didn't change anything so I created a new policy redirecting my documents back to the local users profile, this doesn't seemed to have happened on my workstation. My documents is still directed to \\server01\data If I navigate to \\server01 all of my shares are missing other than data, I know they are there because I can see them on my server. If I goto \\server01\data\websites, I can see files in there that don't even exist anymore, comparing the folder contents directly on the server against what my workstation thinks are completely different. I have researched this but have not found any conclusive answer. Please help as I'm stuck big time. Thanks
  9. Is that all???? OMG I did that hours and hours ago! Since then searched and searched to find out more information. I can have a mess around with ADC now, that should be fun
  10. Hi I may be on completely the wrong line here so bear with me. I have two servers, (both formatted and setup today) One is a setup to control DNS, DHCP & be a domain controller and the other is nothing as yet. Both servers run Server 2003 Enterprise edition. I want to install exchange on the 2nd server (not currently setup to do anything), from the research I have done this server should be setup as a Member Server. Question is: How do I go about this?
  11. Hi I have setup Server 2003 with Exchange 2003. I can access OWA via https://server/exchange fine. I have created a subdomain and changed the DNS settings to point to my IP Address, this works also. The problem I'm having is if you go http://mail.linusit.co.uk it doesn't work unless I type in http://mail.linusit.co.uk/exchange, I understand why it does this but would like OWA accessible using http://mail.linusit.co.uk. Any ideas would be very appreciated Thanks
  12. Hi I have configured an Nlite XP Install and it works great, all updates, installs stuff on first run etc but when trying to join to a domain it doesn't work. I think from some research that it's because I removed the Windows Time Service. From what I have research you can't easily add stuff back into an nLite installation. Anybody have any ideas on what I need to do? Thanks

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