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Firefox 3.5 only opens under one user account


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I have 5 user accounts on the family computer. I have Firefox 3.5 installed. It will only open under my wife's account. I used to be able to right click and run as admin from any of them and it would run fine. But now that no longer works. I've looked in the event viewer and there is nothing there about the problem.

I've tried Firefox safemode and that doesn't work.

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during installation i think there is an option to install for all users? try reinstalling and seeing if you can select that.

You think? So you don't actually know. So instead of posting useful information, you post useless information to waste the OP's time because, once again, you spew your mouth instead of checking anything. Firefox 3.5 offers no such choice. Congratulations.


Did you initially install 3.5 on your wife's account? When it used to work, was this with 3.5 or an earlier version? Are the different user accounts all Administrator accounts or are they limited accounts?

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I think I did install it on my wife's account. I have 1 admin and never log into it. Every other account is standard user. I don't remember when I stopped being able to use it on every account, but it was around the time I changed to 3.5. But even after I upgraded to 3.5 I could still run as admin. Then the day I posted this I stopped being able to open it on my wife's account even as admin.

I've uninstalled it and reinstalled 3.0.10 and so far am having no problems.

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