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Display my webpage in frames

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Hello, all. I've searched google for this issue but I'm having trouble with terminology. I don't know what to call it to search for it.

I have my webpages in frames. The left frame is just a menu and the right frame is the main content. Now, I want to prevent people opening the right frame by itself. Is there a script that will check if the frame is loaded by itself?

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The reason I had frames was for the right side navigation menu. It was the same for all sites so I didn't want to put the same code on every page; and I wanted it fixed. I had trouble getting a fixed menu in IE, while it worked in Firefox.

What you saw is the latest version without the true frames. I got rid of the frames and placed an IFrame instead. That was a better solution, although now it's not fixed. It will be better for search engine indexing. (But I'm looking to host it on a domain rather than Charter.)

Also, I'm still learning HTML so it will take some time before for improvements. I just read about DIV blocks and I can probably use that instead of tables for my layout.

Thanks for visiting the site.

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