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64-bit vista with 32-bit key


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I am re-installing my brothers' laptop (A compaq presario), and just noticed that all the OEM crap went back on with it, so I want to use my own OEM disk to do a fresh installation.

However, I just noticed that the processor is 64-bit - But Windows (Vista Home Premium) is 32-bit - So I have a couple of questions:

Any reason that I shouldn't intall the 64-bit Home Premium? - If not, why the hell install the 32-bit version anyway...?!

Will the product key work with the 64-bit version of Home Premium?

Ta in advance!

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Unless it's a royalty OEM key (and even then, only *some* are architecture-specific), a product key is a product key, regardless of the architecture. The key is specific to the version of Windows, not if it's an x86 or x64 variant of it.

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Yes, the key worked fine! Thanks, Cluberti :-)

One more quick question - There is also one of those restore partitions that I want to get rid of to do a restore of what I install now -

Is there a way to back this up AND store the info about it (Type etc)? Is there a tool that I won't have to pay through the teeth for that'll do it?

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Ok, an update:

Yes, it was fine - Activated OK too.

The only 'problem' was that I got two of the digits on the product key the wrong way round when I entered it during setup (xt instead of tx or something).

Anyway, that must've been a valid key too, because setup accepted it. When I came to activate, I had to enter the key again, and it was then that I noticed the mistake.

Chances of keys like that? Slim lol!

Anyway, thanks to all for your input.

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